Mobile Perspectives delivers both consulting services and solutions to enable clients to meet their goals.  Our consultants can work as advisors or problem solvers or leaders, external to or embedded into your team, on a project or hourly basis, or as temp staffing to fill gaps in your organization. 

Mobile Perspectives provides resources focused in the areas where our help is most needed.  This can includes career coaching, leadership development consulting, communications or business strategy, technology consulting and also civic leadership and community development support services.  We are leaders who excel in communications, business and personal development and strategy definition.  We look forward to helping clients meet their challenges head on.  

Our expertise aids organizations in many ways:

  • Career Coaching:  customized coaching services aid individuals in refining their goals and progressing them.  This can include goal setting, strengths identification, re-envisioning a resume, job search strategy, mock interview support and more.  Our career coaching niche is targeted to those with international experience or international aspirations.  Our mobile perspective and personal experience in four cultures enables our team to help individuals maximize the impact of their own multi-cultural experience.  Our team is particularly strong in career coaching for individuals who have lived or worked in multiple countries and are looking to identify and harness the strength of those experiences.
  • Board of Directors and Management Development:  with experience in running companies, boards of directors and management teams, we can aid leaders in developing themselves and the talents of team members, strengthening team capabilities, and nurturing a highly functional team that is results oriented.  This can be done through consultation with an executive team or individual leaders and/or through consultation with an entire team or board of directors. 
  • Communications consulting:  communication is our strength and we strive to help others improve their methods.  Transparency in communication builds trust. A strong strategy for communication, with the right tools and individuals supporting the effort, is critical for individuals and businesses.
  • Civic Leadership and Community Development support:  civic engagement is a passion of ours, and we excel at working with individuals and organizations to increase impact in the communities they support.  Whether it is through project roles within an organization or consultation to help an individual or organization evolve in a positive direction, this is an area of passion and great impact for our team.  
  • Technology consulting:  In today’s world, identifying the right technologies to get a job done is challenging.  Our technologists offer a broad knowledge of solutions and industries to help narrow down the choices.  Whether the needs are for open-source, managed services or for carrier grade systems, we have the know-how to help identify options and navigate the selection process.  We specialize in mobile applications and have experience with a wide array of communications technologies.  We can help leverage the capabilities of today's smartphones and tablets to create engaging on-device experiences for a target audience.  We can bridge the best of what clients already have with what they need to create a mobile interaction that is compelling for their target audience. 

Mobile Perspectives is a consultancy delivering excellence in services and technology informed by a team of leaders who bring an international knowledge base and unique perspective to the table.  Our mobile perspective has been developed through years of management experience and leadership development in corporate, small business and non-profit environments, through life enriched by the cultural experience of living in four countries, and through a depth of expertise in communications and mobile technology.

Mobile Perspectives is based in Chicago, Illinois.