Todd Shingler, Founder and Principal Consultant

Prior to founding Mobile Perspectives in 2010, Todd was CEO of MobileAware Limited.  His 20+ years in the wireless industry also include 12 years in a variety of business and technology roles at Nortel. Todd has lived and worked in the U.S., Germany, France and Ireland, engaging customers and partners around the globe.  His client support has included many of the world's largest mobile operators, retailers, airlines, banks and technology companies.

Todd brings an experienced perspective to companies wanting to identify, understand and embrace the most appropriate mobile technologies for their businesses.  Todd also enjoys sharing his knowledge with others by developing technology training and participating in trade shows, industry forums and wireless standards bodies.  

Todd is a technologist at heart.  He holds a B.S. in Computer Science and a B.A. in Mathematics from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas and began his career in software for mobile phone systems.  He excels at strategy and his leadership style is collaborative and results oriented.  He is a rare example of a highly competent business executive with extraordinary technical ability.  Todd combines deep industry knowledge with a vision for what needs to be done and a great ability to execute on a plan. Read more about Todd on his LinkedIn profile.

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Twitter: @toddshingler

Claire Delaney Shingler, Partner and Principal Consultant

Claire is a high impact leader whose personal core values are built around connecting people, collaborative leadership and transparency in communication. She has strong communication skills and media training, along with excellent technical, analytical and project management skills. Claire has a proven track record in improving the output, impact and reputation of individuals and organizations. She has experience both leading and coaching in non-profit and technology environments. She can deliver results across marketing, product management, communications, advertising, operations, technology and HR teams.

Claire is an experienced mentor and career coach.  Her most recent coaching project delivered career coaching to international students studying in the U.S.  Claire has been a campus recruiter, a hiring manager, and has worked many job fairs.  She has conducted countless interviews, written job descriptions, and sourced staff for multiple organizations.  Claire's diversity of experience and training make her an excellent resource for international professionals and others as they map out next steps in their careers.

Claire worked in the telecommunications industry, first as a software engineer, then design manager and engineering manager at Nortel.  She then shifted into technology and product marketing, leading global marketing efforts for Nortel's GPRS wireless technology while based in Europe (in Munich and Paris).  As a graduate student Claire conducted research on expatriation/repatriation and has given talks on cross-cultural differences.

With a B.S. in Mathematics from University of Florida, and a Master's of Science in Organizational Behavior from Trinity College in Dublin Ireland, Claire has an excellent combination of knowledge, leadership development savvy and hands on experience gained working in industry.  

Following her graduate studies Claire worked in the non-profit sector as a community organizer and leader.  She has experience in expanding the capabilities and influence of a community organization in Chicago.  This includes developing and leading boards of directors, improving processes, introducing a social media presence and communications strategies.  She has introduced online billing for an organization, led on publication of a quarterly newsletter, and introduced new events.  She also forged partnerships with other groups and increased fundraising capabilities of the organization through these efforts.  

Claire has become a resource for other non-profit leaders in the community.  Her leadership impact has been significant.  Read more about Claire Shingler at her LinkedIn profile: 

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